Valid from July 11, 2021

UPS 2021 Rate and Service Guide, Suriname

Services with Added Value

Additional charges are subject to UPS Terms and Conditions. For more information about the applicability of these Additional Charges, please contact your local UPS office or your UPS Account Executive.

Saturday Delivery
For your international shipments, the rate is based on the UPS Worldwide Express rate, plus the additional charge.
US$17.00 per shipment to the United States, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan

Residential Delivery
A fee will be assessed when a shipment is delivered to a residential destination. If a business is located in a residential area, the Residential Delivery charge will be assessed.
US$4.55 per package

Delivery Confirmation
Signature Required
When the customer selects this service, the driver will require a signature in order to complete the delivery.
US$5.00 per shipment

Adult Signature Required
The driver will require the signature of an adult 18-21 years of age or older at the time of delivery. If no adult is available, UPS will make a second or third delivery attempt. Indirect deliveries or "deliver to" notes will not be accepted.
US$5.75 per shipment

Direct Delivery Only
UPS will only deliver the package to the address listed on the shipping label. The package cannot be re-directed or delivered to an alternate address.
It is not necessary for the package to be delivered directly to the person listed on the label; no signature is required.
Available for residential and commercial delivery.

Declared Value
Note: Visit for more information about prohibited and restricted articles and limits on declared value.
A shipment is automatically protected against loss or damage up to US$100.00 per shipment.
The maximum declared value and the maximum legal responsibility of UPS is US$50,000.00 per shipment.
How to Calculate the Declared Value
Declared Value per Shipment: US$0.00 - US$100.00
UPS will charge: US$0.00
Declared Value per Shipment: US$100.01 - US$300.00
UPS will charge: Minimum Charge of US$3.15
Declared Value per Shipment: US$300.01 - US$50,000.00
UPS will charge: Minimum Charge of US$3.15 plus US$1.05 for each additional US$100.00 above US$300.00 or for each fraction of the total declared value. Therefore, in a shipment with a declared value of US$350.00, UPS will charge US$4.20 (US$1.05 + US$3.15). For a shipment with a declared value of US$475.00, UPS will charge US$5.25 (US$2.10 + US$3.15), and so on.
Protection against loss or damage excludes or does not provide protection to items that have been incorrectly packed, that have been packed with inadequate materials or with adhesive tape that does not meet the requirements established by UPS.
It is the shipper’s responsibility to make sure that the shipping materials used are adequate.
Declared Value charges can be billed to the shipper, the consignee or a third party.
From US$0.00 to US$100.00: US$0.00
From US$100.01 to US$300.00: Minimum Charge of US$3.15
From US$300.01 to US$50,000.00: Minimum Charge of US$3.15 plus US$1.05 for each additional US$100.00 above US$300.00 or for each fraction of the total declared value Contact UPS